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Mission / Vision / Values


The Healthy Relationship Foundation mission is to teach and support every person we serve to uncover their most authentic self so they may fully care for themselves. Through greater self-awareness and self-love, each person will be fully empowered to have healthier relationships and lives.


The Healthy Relationship Foundation vision is that the inspirational guidance we provide each person we serve enables them to positively impact those in their lives. This will create a ripple effect of good so that communities, and thereby the world, will be a better place to inhabit for all.


The Healthy Relationship Foundation (HRF) has four guiding values: passion, guidance, inspiration and impact. These values influence every aspect of our work and every interaction you will have with us. Passion highlights the truth that for us at HRF helping others heal is our life's calling. There truly is no other work we would rather do. We know, based on our professional and personal experiences, that recovery is completely possible and we are passionate about helping you know this too. Having the opportunity to be your therapist allows us to work soulfully and joyfully in this world. We have no greater purpose in this world than supporting you so that you may tap more fully into your own passions.

We work collaboratively at HRF; however, we know you are seeking counseling based on our knowledge and expertise. We shall provide guidance to you every step of the way. It is perfectly ok if you do not yet know how to communicate effectively, love yourself or cope in healthy ways. This is exactly why we are here. We shall teach you all that we know through our education, experience and personal work what will truly allow you to recover. In every session, we will provide you with actual skills and new ways of thinking so that you have a healthier life, for the rest of your life, every single day.

When you meet with us at HRF, we know deeply that you are giving us the gift of your trust and vulnerability. This is a true privilege for us and we do not take it lightly. Daily, each of us at HRF, practice the skills we teach others to use so we can all have mentally healthy lives and satisfying relationships. It is our hope that we can serve as a positive role model to you and act as inspiration for what is possible. We know people only change when they are ready to commit to their growth work but we also know that it is powerful to witness that recovery is completely possible by seeing others live in this reality.

Finally, we are both inspired and humbled by the understanding that we can serve to have a positive impact in this world. We know every person we have the honor of serving has a very special and important place in this world. When we are able to support you, then you will get to go out as your most authentic self. By being who you naturally are, you will provide guidance and inspiration to those around you so they are able to live healthier and happier lives. These people then, with their own special place in the world, will go out and serve others. This process will continue to serve the greater good. Knowing that we play a role in the positive ripple effect in this world brings us deep joy.