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Coaching FAQs

What is codependency coaching?

Coaching empowers you to achieve goals, get “unstuck,” and to be held accountable to your change. In codependency, we often desire recovery but there are many barriers to this including guilt for taking time for ourselves, not knowing what we need, and feeling overwhelmed. Coaching is designed to support you in managing these barriers so you may take the necessary action to recover as quickly and smoothly as possible. Every session is tailored to your personal recovery needs. You are also given homework each appointment to ensure that week by week you are able to better manage your codependent symptoms and interrupt old, unhealthy patterns that contribute to your codependency.

Why codependency coaching?

Firstly, the amazing thing about scheduling for a coaching package is that you are already beginning – or deepening – your recovery by committing to yourself. This is so hard to do in our codependency so even just starting coaching reveals you are healing. Secondly, while codependency is commonly discussed, it’s is also normal to feel like many people don’t understand what it means to live this way and how painful it is. But I do. I personally grew up in an alcoholic home (amongst other issues). I intimately understand how such an upbringing makes us feel worth less, silenced, unsure of what we need or who we are, and guilty for taking care of ourselves. It took many years but eventually, I was able to recover from my codependency. It is incredibly peaceful, and joyful, to live in interdependency where I now know my worth, can identify my needs and honor them. I sincerely want the same for you. I know from personal, and professional, experience what it takes to recover from codependency and how to guide you towards this.

How do we meet?

Once you decide which package best meets your needs (or if you want to start off just scheduling by week), we will schedule a time and meet via Zoom. An invitation to this meeting will be sent via email at least 24 business hours prior to your appointment.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

The key difference is where we focus our work. In coaching, we will identify goals that will allow you to begin or deepen your recovery from codependency or assist you in maintaining your recovery. These goals are broken down into smaller steps to allow the emphasis to be on action at all times in coaching. Coaching is focused on the here and now which lends itself to being often being short-term compared to therapy. This is exactly why I designed packages by the month instead of longer blocks of time.

Therapy focuses on emotions, thoughts, barriers to change, and deeper healing therefore, the relationship may last a long time. In fact, at the beginning of therapy, it is unclear how long it may take to support one’s mental health as recovery in therapy is complicated by mental health concerns and unresolved trauma. Often, people come to therapy when they are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or another mental health issue. Therapy focuses on stabilizing these mental issues, as well as building awareness as to why these issues may have manifested in the first place. This may lead to trauma therapy as well to reduce reactivity to triggers in the future.

What if I need therapy too?

Great question! If you want to do therapy with your own therapist, alongside your codependency coaching, this is completely possible. You may choose to sign a release of information though so your therapist and I may coordinate to ensure your best care. Also, if during coaching, I discover you may have a need for therapy, I will provide this recommendation to you. Finally, if you are struggling with thoughts of hurting yourself, or someone else, I will need to end coaching until you begin a therapy relationship as your safety is always my priority.

How do I know if codependency coaching will help me?

The best way is to simply schedule your free 15-minute consultation. However, a good indicator is if you are still struggling with codependent symptoms and patterns despite your overall mental health being pretty stable. Most days, you have a good amount of motivation and focus but something is blocking you from being able to truly recover from codependency. You may have even done some therapy in the past which has helped but you haven’t found someone who truly understands codependency and codependency recovery. Another good indicator coaching may be helpful to you is if you have made a lot of gains in your life in regards to recovery and are now interdependent but lately, old triggers have resurfaced, a new relationship has begun, or an important relationship has recently ended.

How do I get started?

The best way is to schedule your free 15-minute consultation in order for you to chat over video conferencing or by phone if you prefer. During this time, you will be able to ask me any of your own questions, see if you feel we would be a good fit, and for me to assess if coaching is the best service for you given your needs.  Simply, click this link and you will schedule (as a new client) a consultation. Please note, for your convenience, you may change the time zone on the calendar to see what options best meet your needs. Alternatively, you may email me at, call me at 480-999-5174, or simply contact me here. I sincerely look forward to speaking with you!