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Codependency Books

Codependency Books

At the Healthy Relationship Foundation, our goal is to give you the tools you need to leave codependency behind, set healthy boundaries, and build solid relationships. Krystal Mazzola’s best-selling books, The Codependency Recovery Plan and The Codependency Workbook empower you to take the steps to have healthy, happy, interdependent relationships.

The Codependency Recovery Plan: A 5-Step Guide to Understand, Accept, and Break Free from the Codependent Cycle

This is your 5-step plan for accepting and breaking free from codependent habits and relationships. Learn to prioritise self-care, establish boundaries, and improve your perspective on partnership, so you can live with more freedom and confidence.

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I’m only on pg.17 and I am in total shock. There are some hard truths in this book that are SO helpful to me already. It’s almost unbelievable. The craziest part is the line about codependency stemming from a childhood with a family member who has a chronic health/mental issue, which is what my mom developed at a young age and became completely disabled. That was the icing on the cake. So extremely grateful I ordered this!!!! Ready to keep going & finish it.

Kayla, L.

The Codependency Workbook: Simple Practices for Developing and Maintaining Your Independence

Stop the cycle of codependency with evidence-based advice and strategies based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This workbook helps you establish your independence with exercises for setting goals, identifying triggers, replacing negative thoughts, managing conflicts, and reducing anxiety and depression. You're on the road to recover!

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 Great book, highly recommended

This book is so good, I bought two more for friends who saw it and were instantly hooked. I just exited a three year relationship with someone I moved across the country with a year and a half ago. The codependency and guilt was/is real. But with each chapter, I feel myself getting back to interdependence.

Amazon customer 

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"The biggest area of growth I experienced in this class was a realization about intellectual boundaries, as well as an increased focus on how to maintain my boundaries both externally and internally, both to protect myself as well as to keep myself as a safe person for others. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn the basics and background of information that I think will help add a framework for increasing clarity to my journey of self growth." - Marybeth
"Krystal has a wealth of knowledge to share and does so with great sensitivity and compassion. I understand the topic around healthy boundaries much better." - Isobel
"This course has helped me truly to listen to my emotional reactions and what they may be telling me. I overheard my mom call me a name. In the past I would have let it festered and if she saw me cry I would have said I just was tired. After taking Krystal's course I noticed my shame and anger. Instead of keeping it hidden, I felt empowered to go up to my mom and calmly confront her. We were able to talk and even though it was hard, I was happy I had the tools necessary to communicate what I was feeling without allowing resentment settle into my heart." - Amy
"I feel like I am a new and improved version of myself after only 4 weeks! I was able to learn and implement the new communication skills you taught me which prevented me from exploding about something towards my husband. Also, identifying and actually writing down my non-negotiables on paper was helpful and brought forward some awareness. I also created a self-soothing box, and i didn't realize how much I needed this and how beneficial it will be for me to have ME-TIME and pamper myself with things I love." - Katie B.
"Effective steps to think about your relationships. Analysis and an honest assessment are the first steps. Then the book provides ideas on how to remedy your findings. Everybody is behaving occasionally in a codependent fashion. Some of us more than others, and more often than not. The book is non judgmental and secular, which might appeal to those alienated by religion-based methods. At the same time, it works well even if you're a person of faith, as there is nothing in it forcing a denial of one's beliefs."
"I was in a codependent relationship and this book (in combination with therapy) saved my relationship. We had to identify our traits in order to step away from them. We had been living in a drama triangle for years and never found resolve until we better understood ourselves and what we needed as individuals and why. Being codependent isn't bad or intentional. It just happens but with this, knowledge is power!" - Bobbi