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Counseling for Individuals

Counseling for Individuals

Individual therapy can address a variety of concerns including mental health issues, self-esteem concerns, trauma, or relationship problems.  I use a multifaceted approach which includes Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) which are proven effective to address these concerns.

Common Reasons for Seeking Individual Therapy Are to Resolve:

  • Symptoms of depression including low motivation, loss of interest in things you usually enjoy, difficulty focusing, consistent low mood, and thoughts of self-harm or suicide
  • Symptoms of anxiety such as panic attacks, frequent racing thoughts, and consistent sense of overwhelm or being unable to relax no matter how you try
  • Self-Esteem concerns including a sense of not knowing one’s self or, even disliking or hating one’s self, an inability to forgive yourself for past mistakes, or the inability to let others know what your needs are as you fear you will be a burden
  • Symptoms related to trauma such as being frequently numb, having intrusive thoughts of the trauma or nightmares, anger, being “on guard” all the time, feeling detached from others or that they aren’t real, and feeling like you are not real or detached from your own body

I understand how emotionally distressing any of these symptoms are and how much they impact your ability to accomplish your dreams or have the relationships you desire including with yourself. But, with support and effort, recovery is possible! I am confident that if you are experiencing any of the concerns above, I can help. I encourage you to contact me today or to schedule your free 15-minute consultation so you don’t have to experience the suffering of any of these symptoms for a moment longer.

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