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Online Services

We have found that in our busy lives, it can feel burdensome or “selfish” to commit to consistent times to address our personal recovery and wellness. Therefore, it is all too common to neglect scheduling time for ourselves. This is especially true when you factor in commute times to appointments. We fully understand this and wanted to make it as easy, convenient and comfortable as possible to regularly commit to your well being and recovery. In order to support you in minimizing on all the extra costs of time related to attending therapy or coaching, we offer all services online.

For therapy, you have access to a secure, HIPAA compliant and user friendly system. For coaching, we use video conferencing via Zoom. You will always have access to your links prior to your appointment and, we are always happy to help if you run into any issues. If you have any questions about accessing your appointments online, please don’t hesitate to contact us.