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Healthy Boundaries Made Possible

There is one practical way to have healthier relationships: setting & maintaining healthy boundaries. Without properly practicing the skill of boundaries, it’s impossible to have truly satisfying relationships with others….& yourself.

Signs that you are currently struggling with poor boundaries include:
• feeling resentful of the people in your life,
• constantly being tired,
• a sense that no matter what you are “stuck” &
• a feeling that you lost yourself or never knew who you were to begin with

Krystal Mazzola intimately understands the pain of poor boundaries. She used to feel like the only way she could have people in her life was by having no boundaries. She truly believed that if she asserted herself & her needs, she would be abandoned. Having poor boundaries left her depressed & anxious. To cope, she often turned to food & alcohol to numb this pain. Eventually though, Krystal started to communicate her needs & set limits with others to protect her mental & physical wellbeing. Krystal learned to honor her needs so much so she didn’t need to cope in unhealthy ways. She found the courage to honor her dreams which led to both marrying the emotionally available man she always dreamt of while also sharing her knowledge more with others through courses.

Healthy boundaries allowed Krystal to have the life of her dreams & she wants to the same for you!

This led Krystal to develop a 4-week course on the fundamentals of healthy boundaries. Having healthy boundaries is a life-long journey but this course which teach you every necessary step to move from porous boundaries to healthy ones.
In this course you will learn:

• The Education of Healthy Boundaries based on Research on Healthy Relationships & driven by Clinical Theory & Practice
• How to Identify Your Personal Needs & Limits
• How to Effectively Manage Your Emotions
• A Simple, Clear, & Powerful Script to Assert Your Needs in ANY situation &
• What to Do when Others Don’t Honor or Respect Your Boundaries

Krystal developed this course based on what she knows works from over 11 years of practicing as a marriage & family therapist as well as the skills she applied to her own life. All these skills would take at least a year of therapy to learn but you can learn them in just 4 short weeks.

If you would like to stop being confused about all the components to having healthy boundaries & start experiencing the life changing transformation of healthy boundaries, please join the waitlist for the next offering of this 4-week course!

Here are what some previous participants shared about the course:

“I feel like I am a new and improved version of myself after only 4 weeks! I was able to learn and implement the new communication skills you taught me which prevented me from exploding about something towards my husband. Also, identifying and actually writing down my non-negotiables on paper was helpful and brought forward some awareness. I also created a self-soothing box, and i didn’t realize how much I needed this and how beneficial it will be for me to have ME-TIME and pamper myself with things I love.” – Katie B.

“This course has helped me truly to listen to my emotional reactions and what they may be telling me. I overheard my mom call me a name. In the past I would have let it festered and if she saw me cry I would have said I just was tired. After taking Krystal’s course I noticed my shame and anger. Instead of keeping it hidden, I felt empowered to go up to my mom and calmly confront her. We were able to talk and even though it was hard, I was happy I had the tools necessary to communicate what I was feeling without allowing resentment settle into my heart.” – Amy

“Krystal has a wealth of knowledge to share and does so with great sensitivity and compassion. I understand the topic around healthy boundaries much better.” – Isobel

“The biggest area of growth I experienced in this class was a realization about intellectual boundaries, as well as an increased focus on how to maintain my boundaries both externally and internally, both to protect myself as well as to keep myself as a safe person for others. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn the basics and background of information that I think will help add a framework for increasing clarity to my journey of self growth.” – Marybeth