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krystal mazzola

Employee burnout and employee retention are ever-increasing issues. This negatively impacts your metrics as a company and ability to accomplish your company’s vision. Additionally, these issues negatively impact existing employee morale leading to further issues with burnout and retention.

While rarely discussed, this negative cycle are is often reinforced by codependency. In codependency, there exists an unsatisfactory push-pull amongst individual’s needs. In a company, when leadership feels the strain of decreasing productivity and employee retention, there can be a push on the existing employees to do more. Employees then push back to meet their own needs which include financial but go well beyond that. When they feel the company system doesn’t care about their own needs enough, only the larger system’s needs, employees burn out and they leave.

Current strategies such as increased pay, vacation time, or trainings on boundaries and self-care are not enough in themselves to heal the company system. Instead, it is necessary to change the company culture from the ground up. A systemic change is needed for both employees and the employer to meet each other in the middle to mutually benefit. This type of mutually beneficial relationship is only possible in codependency recovery.

While healing a company system to be mutually beneficial is multi-faceted, it is completely possible. To accomplish this goal, consulting with  Krystal Mazzola Wood, LMFT is invaluable.

Krystal Mazzola Wood, LMFT, has developed systems to support codependency recovery in individuals as well as larger systems. Krystal brings with her over a decade of professional expertise which includes training with Pia Mellody who is one of the pioneering experts on codependency. She is also the best-selling author on two books on codependency, The Codependency Recovery Plan: A 5-Step Guide to Understand, Accept, and Break Free from The Codependent Cycle and The Codependency Workbook: Simple Practices for Developing and Maintaining Your Independence. These books have hundreds of positive ratings with reviewers sharing the information provided has been life-changing.

Krystal is excited to apply her expertise and systems to heal codependency to your company culture. The benefits include increased positive morale, improved employee retention, and increased productivity to meet your company’s metrics.

To reach out about your consultation needs, please reach out to with an overview of your company and your primary concerns at this time. Krystal will reply within 24 business hours to coordinate further. She is excited to support your company and its employees!