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About Healthy Relationship Foundation

Krystal Mazzola started the Healthy Relationship Foundation (HRF) with the commitment to have a therapeutic organization that was healthy from the inside out. This means that every employee at HRF practices the skills we teach in therapy, coaching and our classes. It is our privilege and our joy in life to serve you and to provide a role model on what living in recovery looks like. It is not magic nor is it impossible – it just takes conscious commitment. When working with anyone at HRF, you can expect to be treated with consistent, prompt and genuine care which is completely focused on you.

We know that committing to your recovery whether in therapy, coaching, or education requires bravery. We truly celebrate your courage to recover and during every interaction with us, we want you to feel genuinely cared for and guided. While you must do the active work, with us at HRF you have a dedicated and warm partner in your growth who will gently hold you accountable. We do this because we know how capable of healing you are and how much you deserve all the joy, peace and love available in this world; including from yourself.

Healing and recovery are completely attainable. All the strength you need to recover is already within you. At HRF, we are authentic, knowledgeable and caring supports that help you uncover who you truly are so that you may enter recovery – and stay there.