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Krystal Mazzola Wood

Hi! I’m so glad you are here. I know firsthand what it’s like to struggle with codependency and all the related feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, exhaustion and resentment. But fortunately, I also know personally – and professionally – just how possible it is to heal and recover from codependency. To move from self-doubt to self-trust, a lack of boundaries to self-protection, and from insecurity to self-love and confidence. I also know that when you heal your relationship with yourself, your relationships with others naturally become more rewarding, safer, and intimate! I cannot wait for you to see just how amazing you truly are and live the authentic life of your dreams filled with safe, loving relationships!

How to Get Started

Every life path is different, and everyone learns in different ways. Choose your best first step to building better relationships. We’re excited to help!

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Read my books to recover from codependency, improve your relationships, and set boundaries.

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Therapy & Coaching

Work with me directly to accelerate your recovery.

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Recovery Resources

Learn more about the various skills to recover and thrive with a list of resources.

Work With Me

If you want to accelerate your codependency recovery, I would love to support you! I offer individual and couples therapy for those in Arizona as well as group coaching services for those in other states or countries. I’m always happy to schedule a consultation to chat more about what your specific needs are and make personalized recommendations.

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