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Recovery is Possible

Online courses, coaching, and information to recover from codependency
and build better relationships.

The journey to healthy relationships is one that can sometimes feel impossible.

The road to healthy relationships is not always easy. We can all sometimes get stuck in patterns which don’t serve us. It can be hard to see the steps forward alone. This is why I’ve created comprehensive and proven effective systems to have healthy boundaries, greater self-love, and deep connection with others. There are many ways to heal which you’ll find in my blog, course, and group coaching. By working together, your relationships with be more fulfilling than ever before!

How to Get Started

Every life path is different, and everyone learns in different ways. Choose your best first step to building better relationships. We’re excited to help!

What People are Saying

I like the multiple exercises to combat codependency and writing approach that feels validating. Although I've just finished reading the book I already want to look over it again. Very helpful
I discovered this after reading her book "The Codependency Recovery Plan". I love how her approach takes those of us who didn't become codependent by being involved with or raised by an alcoholic or addict. I appreciate the way she explains how to move past codependency and gives you the tools to work on that goal, instead of just describing what it is with no information how to change it. I know I'm codependent, help me not to be! Her book and workbook do exactly that, and I could not be more thankful that they do.
This was such a wonderful find! I am only half way through the workbook, but I can already feel my life beginning to shift in a better direction. I have now ordered another copy for my husband. I am so grateful for the other reviewers who helped me decide to make the original purchase. So worth it!!
Great read if you don't want your recovery dependent on following the 12 step program designed for alcoholism and addiction. I found this book very enlightening.
I learned more about myself reading this book than I did with other popular codependency books on the market. Highly recommend!
“This book is so good, I bought two more for friends who saw it and were instantly hooked. I just exited a three year relationship with someone I moved across the country with a year and a half ago. The codependency and guilt was/is real. But with each chapter, I feel myself getting back to interdependence.”

About the Healthy Relationship Foundation

The Healthy Relationship Foundation was founded by licensed relationship therapist, codependency expert, author, and coach, Krystal Mazzola. It was created to provide people with the tools and information they need to recover from codependency and learn to build healthy relationships with others… and with themselves.

Krystal’s own experiences with self-doubt, depression, and dysfunctional relationships has given her a unique level of understanding. She knows the profound blessing of living in recovery and wants every person to experience it as well. Her proven approach is the basis of her two best-selling books and the Healthy Relationship Foundation online courses.

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