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Life isn’t always easy. We will all experience challenges that can seem overwhelming. At times, they may even seem impossible to overcome. But there is always hope. Whether you struggle with your self-esteem, mental health, or relationship problems, recovery is possible with hard work and good support.

At the Healthy Relationship Foundation, we offer that support, through online courses, information, and coaching to help people recover from codependency, improve their relationships, and boost their self-worth. Whether you take a course, work with Krystal for private coaching, subscribe to our blog, or read our books, we’re excited for you to take the first step to better health!

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Every life path is different, and everyone learns in different ways. Choose your best first step to building better relationships. We’re excited to help!

"I started seeing Krystal a few years ago, before she started her own practice. I feel like I grew with her and that is the most wonderful part about therapy with her. She assisted me with couples counseling and also guided me down my own path with EMDR to heal my PTSD. I have since graduated therapy, as I was able to meet every single goal I had with her. She is a caring, patient, open-minded, gifted and natural healer that I would recommend to anyone. She is the only therapist that has ever helped me take action instead of just talk about my issues, helping me actually recover instead of just maintain. For that, I am forever grateful!"

- Previous Client

About the Healthy Relationship Foundation

The Healthy Relationship Foundation was founded by licensed relationship therapist, codependency expert, author, and coach, Krystal Mazzola. It was created to provide people with the tools and information they need to recover from codependency and learn to build healthy relationships with others… and with themselves.

Krystal’s own experiences with self-doubt, depression, and dysfunctional relationships has given her a unique level of understanding. She knows the profound blessing of living in recovery and wants every person to experience it as well. Her proven approach is the basis of her two best-selling books and the Healthy Relationship Foundation online courses.

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